Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh screen/net(factory direct sale)

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh screen/net(factory direct sale)

Model No.︰7x7 and 7x19

Brand Name︰boshi

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 16.77 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

flexible x-tend cable 304 316 stainless steel rope mesh
Flexible stainless steel rope mesh is the charateristic leading product of Xingtong Mesh which has been manufacturing the product since 1990.We have the CE and ROHS certificates.
Stainless steel rope mesh ,also called SS cable mesh, made form high quality stainless steel wire rope, with the features ofextremely anti-corrosion and esistant to UV rays, has a long lifespan in the harsh environments.

The architectural stainless steel wire mesh Webnet is a vibrant and top-quality products: the mesh size (varying from too tight or too wide) and the wire rope diameter (1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm) to determine its functionality and aesthetics.

304Architectural Cable RopeMesh
Cable Construction Cable Diameter Mesh Hole Size(W x H) Breaking Strength
  inch mm inch mm KN
7x19 1/8 3.2 4.75'' x 4.75'' 120x120 7.38
7x19 1/8 3.2 4'' x 4'' 102x102 7.38
7x19 1/8 3.2 3.6'' x 3.6'' 90x90 7.38
7x19 1/8 3.2 3'' x 3'' 76x76 7.38
7x19 1/8 3.2 2'' x 2'' 51x51 7.38
7x7 3/32 2.4 4'' x 4'' 102x102 4.18
7x7 3/32 2.4 3.6'' x 3.6'' 90x90 4.18
7x7 3/32 2.4 3'' x 3'' 76x76 4.18
7x7 3/32 2.4 2.4'' x 2.4'' 60x60 4.18
7x7 3/32 2.4 2'' x 2'' 51x51 4.18
7x7 5/64 2.0 3'' x 3'' 76x76 3.17
7x7 5/64 2.0 2.4'' x 2.4'' 60x60 3.17
7x7 5/64 2.0 2'' x 2'' 51x51 3.17
7x7 5/64 2.0 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' 38x38 3.17
7x7 1/16 1.6 3'' x 3'' 76x76 2.17
7x7 1/16 1.6 2'' x 2'' 51x51 2.17
7x7 1/16 1.6 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' 38x38 2.17
7x7 1/16 1.6 1.2'' x 1.2'' 30x30 2.17
7x7 1/16 1.6 1'' x 1'' 25.4x254 2.17
7x7 3/64 1.2 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' 38x38 1.22
7x7 3/64 1.2 1.2'' x 1.2'' 30x30 1.22
7x7 3/64 1.2 1'' x 1'' 25.4x25.4 1.22
7x7 3/64 1.2 4/5'' x 4/5'' 20x20 1.22

Architectural CableRope Mesh​Description :

Product Name ss 304 Architectural Cable Rope Mesh
Wire Diameter 2.0mm
Cable Construction 7x7 ,7x19
Width and Length Customized , we can do as your requirement
Mesh Type Ferrule Rope Mesh


Stainless steel wire rope mesh is made of stainless steel wire rope.There are three types: weaven type, open ferrule type

and seamless sleeves type.stainless steel rope mesh is colored by surface treatment for decoration materials.

seamless sleeves type ferrule type woven type

Excellent visibility.
Stainless steel knotted rope mesh has unique rhombic openings which makes the product have good visibility. Therefore, stainless steel knotted rope mesh is suitable for zoo mesh and bird cages. And stainless steel knotted rope mesh allows visitors to watch animals better and prevents visitors from being hurt by animals effectively. In other words, stainless steel knotted rope mesh shortens the distance between visitors and animals.

Close to nature and environmentally friendly.
Stainless steel knotted rope mesh can be used in any climate and environment. And it is resistant to rust although it is subject to violent sunlight, rain, snow and fog. So its service life can be up to more than 30 years. Besides, it can be used repeatedly. Above all, it doesn't need maintenance after installation.

Luxury appearance.
Stainless steel knotted rope mesh has smooth appearance and diamond-shaped openings. What's more, stainless steel knotted rope mesh itself is a beautiful landscape.
Outstanding elasticity and buffer ability.
Stainless steel knotted rope mesh has good elasticity and buffer ability. Therefore, it is resistant to impact from animals when used in zoo. Above all, neither animals nor stainless steel knotted rope mesh will be hurt. And it can provide a safe and comfortable living environment for animals and birds.

Ferruled type and Knotted type
1. Knotted mesh is a kind of plain weave, each warp wire rope crosses alternately above and below each weft wire rope. Warp and weft wire ropes generally have the same diameter.
2.Ferruled mesh is of the same physical properties with the knotted mesh, the only difference is in the combination style, the stainless wire rope are combined by the ferrules which are made of the same grade stainless steel.
The flexible stainless steel wire cable mesh's rhombus mesh has excellent flexible erformance, virtually indestructible, most pacting-resistant and breaking resistant force, most resisting rain, snow and hurricane.

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