Perforated Metal Wire Mesh Sheet For Ceiling Decoration

Perforated Metal Wire Mesh Sheet For Ceiling Decoration

Model No.︰0.1mm-4m

Brand Name︰boshi

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet is made of high quality stainless steel 304,316 after being perforated on the digital control perforated machines.
Perforated mesh has good strength-to-weight ratio, wide range of open area percentages, accurate hole size, available in corrosion resistant materials, available in lightweight material and suitable for decorative applications.
Materials Available:
Stainless Steel
Plain Steel
Galvanized Steel
Stainless steel Perforated Mesh finds popular applications in making of oil filters, sound isolation sheets, decorative sheets for stairs, environmental tables and chairs, sifting in grains, feed and mines. Perforated metal mesh is also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover, etc.

2. Specification
Stainless Steel Perforated Metal-SS304

Hole Diameter Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness Open Area
0.033" 0.84mm 0.055" 0.0165-0.0198" 0.40-0.50mm 28.00%
0.045" 1.14mm 0.066" 0.0165-0.0198" 0.40-0.50mm 37.00%
1/16" 1.59mm 3/32" 0.026-0.053" 0.66-1.35mm 41.00%
1/16" 1.59mm 1/8" 0.046-0.053" 1.17-1.36mm 23.00%
3/32" 2.38mm 9/64" 0.054-0.065" 1.37-1.65mm 40.30%
3/32" 2.38mm 5/32" 0.026-0.079" 0.66-2.00mm 33.00%
3/32" 2.38mm 1/4" 0.033-0.053'' 0.84-1.35mm 12.50%
1/8" 3.17mm 3/16" 0.026-0.129'' 0.80-2.89mm 40.00%
1/8" 3.17mm 7/32" 0.026-0.039'' 0.66-0.99mm 29.60%
5/32" 3.97mm 3/16" 0.026-0.065'' 0.66-1.65mm 63.00%
3/16" 4.76mm 1/4" 0.026-0.079'' 0.66-2.00mm 50.00%
3/16" 4.76mm 5/16" 0.029'', 0.059'' 0.73mm, 1.50mm 32.00%
1/4" 6.35mm 5/16" 0.026-0.079'' 0.66-2.00mm 58.00%
1/4" 6.35mm 3/8" 0.012'', 0.026-0.065'' 0.30mm, 0.66-1.65mm 40.00%
1/2" 12.70mm 11/16" 0.059'', 0.121'' 1.50mm, 3.00mm; 48.00%

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal-SS316

Hole Diameter Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness Open Area
0.033" 0.84mm 0.055" 0.016-0.020'' 0.41-0.50mm 28.00%
0.045" 1.14mm 0.066" 0.023-0.025'' 0.58-0.64mm 37.00%
1/8" 3.17mm 3/16" 0.024'', 0.049'', 0.121'' 0.61mm, 1.24mm, 3.07mm 40.00%
3/16" 4.76mm 1/4" 0.026-0.054'' 0.66-1.37mm 50.00%
3/16" 4.76mm 5/16" 0.098-0.113'' 2.49-2.87mm 33.00%
1/4" 6.35mm 3/8" 0.114-0.129'' 2.89-3.28mm 40.00%

 Perforated Punching Metal Stainless Steel Plates Mesh Sheets

Material: stainless steel sheet or others as client's request.

Hold Pattern: Staggered, Straight or Others as request.

Hole Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Eliptical/ Oval, A long waist, Hexagonal, Star shaped hole or as request.

rdinary iron plate, galvanized plate, low carbon steel of aluminium alloy, stainless steel plate, aluminium plate

CNC punching - shear bending - Welding - forming crocodile mouth type
( iron plate can be hot galvanized in the case of anti - rust.)

Thickness: 1-6mm
Width: 120-1220 mm

Anti-skid / anti-rust / anti-corrosion, durable,convenient installation and beautiful appearance.
The anti-skid plate of crocodile mouth has very high anti-skid effect, high load and strong pressure resistance.
Its application reduces damage and ensures the safe operation of the operation workshop.

Widely used for outdoor sewage treatment, power plant and other industrial industries, petroleum,
chemical industry, mining, power, ocean exploration, electroplating, ship, water and wastewater treatment,
pharmaceutical industries, staircase pedal, filter board, packing support,
a ideal load-bearing materials in corrosive environment. vehicle anti-skid pedals.


Product name Perforated metal 
Material Steel, Aluminium,Stainless steel, Bronze, Brass, Titanium, and so on.
Thickness 0.3-12.0mm
Hole shape

round, square, diamond,rectangular perforations,octagonal cane,grecian,

plum blossom etc,can be made as your design.

Mesh size 1220*2440mm,1200*2400mm,1000*2000mm or customized
Surface treatment

1.PVC coated

2.Powder coated



5.Fluorocarbon spraying



Thickness: 0.1mm-6mm

Hole size: 0.2mm-100mm or others as request.

Pitch:0.1 2-100mm or as clients request, Usually the hole distance should not less than thickness.

Width: 10mm-150cm or others as request.

Length: 10mm-250cm or others as request.

Surface Treatment: stainless steel, copper ,iron ,aluminum, ga anized, pvc coated, copper or others as request.

Feature: Light weight, Skid prevention and artistic, wear resistant steel, attractive appearance.

Application: Screen, Container Plate, Protection, Decorative, Suspending Ceiling.

Packing: in rolls or in panels, Water proof paper inside and outside with weave bag. Carton.

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